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Community Leaders  

  • Jeff Merkley, United States Senator

  • Janeen Sollman, State Senator 

  • Courtney Neron, State Representative

  • Dacia Grayber, State Representative 

  • Ricki Ruiz, State Representative 

  • Sheri Schouten, State Representative

  • Susan McLain, State Representative

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Councilor, Metro 

  • Kathryn Harrington, Chair, Washington County Board of Commissioners

  • Anthony Martin, Councilor, Hillsboro City Council

  • Beach Pace, Councilor, Hillsboro City Council 

  • Felicita Monteblanco, Director, THPRD

  • Joe Gallegos, former State Representative

  • Tom Hughes, former Mayor, Hillsboro and former President, Metro

  • Alison Kean, former Chair, Oregon Government Ethics Commission


  • Annemarie Jacques, professor 

  • Carol Loughner, retired educator

  • Laura Bekken, retired educator 

  • Michael Tinnesand, retired educator

  • Nadine Zimmerlund, retired educator 

  • William Ma, professor

Small Business Owners

  • Athan Seyler 

  • Carol Baldwin 

  • Jacob Mead 

  • Dr. Joseph Hamlin 

  • Kal Peiris 

  • Kara Kazemba 

  • Lee Gochenour

  • Lisa Bradburn 

  • Molly Courtney 

  • Rebecca Van Diest 

  • Dr. Todd Hartwig 

  • Titonian Wallace 

  • Trevor McBride


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WashCo Chamber Logo.png
Police and Sheriffs' Logo.png
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Planned Parenthood Logo.png
OLCV Green Logo.png
Pro Choice Oregon Logo.png
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AFT Logo.png
OEA Logo.jpg
Building and Construction Trades Council Logo.jpg
WashCo Uniserv Logo.jpeg
IBEW Logo.jpg
UA Local 290 Logo.png
LiUNA Logo.jpg
APANO Logo.png
Basic Rights OR Logo.png
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Stand for Children Logo.png
Next Up Logo.png
Ironworkers Logo.png
UFCW Logo.png
Latino Network Logo.png
Color PAC Logo.png
Mother PAC Logo.png
Unite Oregon Logo.png
Humane Oregon Logo.png

If you would like to endorse Nathan, please email

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