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As someone who grew up in poverty, Nathan experienced the struggles that so many families are going through right now. He was raised by a single mom in a working-class family. They never had much money. For many years, they didn’t even own a car. At sixteen years old, he started bagging groceries to help support his mom and little brother. He then worked two jobs to put himself through college as well as law school. These experiences instilled in him a dedication to family, a commitment to hard work, and an understanding of the challenges faced by those who live paycheck-to-paycheck. 


Nathan became a lawyer to help people. Growing up, he saw his family get taken advantage of because they couldn’t afford an attorney. Over the past fifteen years, he’s devoted his legal career to helping protect the rights of ordinary people who have been harmed. 


For the past several years, Nathan has lived and worked in Hillsboro. He’s devoted countless hours to volunteer work in the community. He’s also been a civic leader for education, good governance, and justice reform. He has served as the state representative for House District 30 since February 2022.  

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