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Legislative Record

Over the past two legislative sessions, I worked on numerous pieces of legislation that passed.


Bills I Championed 


  • SB 1595, the Family Financial Protection Act, updates and overhauls our debt collection laws to provide more protection for those struggling to get back on their feet while also cracking down on illegal debt collection tactics. 


  • HB 4154 cultivates and expands our semiconductor workforce by funding tech-related career pathway programs from elementary school through college. 


  • HB 4041 (funded by SB 5701) replenishes the Economic Equity Investment Program which helps people in economically disadvantaged communities buy a home, start a business, or grow an existing business. 


Bill I Co-Sponsored


  • HB 4082: funds summer learning programs for K-12 students. 


  • HB 4083: directs the Oregon treasurer to eliminate state investments in coal companies. 


  • HB 4098: provides accessible childcare to the workers who are constructing buildings for semiconductor companies that receive money from the Oregon CHIPS Act.   

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Community Investments 


  • Hillsboro Baseball Stadium - $15 million to the City of Hillsboro to help construct a new baseball stadium that hosts the Hillsboro Hops. 


  • Washington County's Center for Addictions Triage and Treatment (CATT) – an additional $8.9 million to Washington County to expand addiction treatment services. 


Bills I Championed 


  • HB 2802: my non-profit work study bill establishes pilot work-study programs at Portland State University and Eastern Oregon University where students receive 20% off their tuition for every semester they work at a small, non-profit in their community.


  • HB 2805: strengthens and updates our public meetings laws to promote governmental transparency while requiring training for most elected officials.


  • HB 2806: allows public bodies to discuss cybersecurity and safety protocols in private “executive sessions."

Bills I Co-Sponsored 


  • SB 3: requires high school students to complete personal financial education and career path skills classes in order to graduate.


  • SB 4:  establishes the Oregon CHIPS fund to provide grants and loans to qualifying businesses for the purpose of growing the semiconductor and advanced manufacturing industry in Oregon.


  • SB 592:  strengthens workplace safety laws and raises the penalties for repeated and/or intentional violations so they are aligned with national standards. 

  • HB 2759: amends the anti-robocall law to hold telemarketing companies liable for illegal robocalls if they know, or consciously avoid knowing, that their lines are being used for such practices.

Community Investments 


  • Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute - $1 million to help with the development of life-saving treatments for rare forms of childhood cancer. 


  • Washington County's Center for Addictions Triage and Treatment (CATT) - $5 million for the addition of 86 treatment beds along with peer mentoring and outpatient care.  


  • Oregon Food Bank for Washington County - $1.6 million to upgrade facilities and expand the purchase of locally-grown foods.

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